Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to School Shopping for the Office

Dear Dollar Tree,
Thank you so much for selling teacher resources in your store. It is so wonderful to be able to buy posters, charts, borders, accents, school supplies, toys, stress balls, storage containers, and more for only 1$! Teachers and counselors are extremely dedicated and spend much of their personal money on their classrooms and students. Thank you for making it affordable!
A counselor who likes a good deal

Here are a couple pictures of some things I've bought so far...

Isn't that blue storage tote cute??
I am going to use the duct tape for lettering on canvases or bulletin boards.
I give each student an eraser during my "Everyone Makes Mistakes" lesson.
The hearts and stars will either be used as bulletin board accents or small post-it notes.
The hand clappers are my favorite. I use them as "zero-noise" signals.  When the hand claps, the class grows quiet and is ready to listen.

The buttons are going to come in very handy because 3 out of 4 walls of my classroom are magnetic.
You can't really see it from the picture but the orange foam squares are actually foam punch outs that are in the shape of different arrows that I plan on using for my bulletin board.
I got 5 storage containers with lids to use for supply storage.
The paper bags are for all of the puppets my kiddos will make this year, and the basketball and soccer ball are stress balls for students who need help focusing in class or calming down.

These items did not come from the Dollar Tree; they are actually from Toys R Us.
The game, Blunders, looks like a fun one to use for teaching manners in my social skills small group.
The wand is going to be my "talking stick" for large and small groups.  Whoever is holding the "talking stick" is the only person who should be talking.
The 2 moody faces are stress balls, and the other game is "Girl Talk" which should be a fun getting to know you game to use with girls in small groups.

What stuff have you bought this summer to get ready for the school year??


  1. How fun!! Doesn't shopping make you excited for the new year?? I
    Love dollar tree too! I love your idea of handing out erasers for the lesson on mistakes...looks like I'm heading over to the dollar tree...

  2. Ha! I should write a thank you to the Dollar Tree and dollar bins at Target too! I grabbed several packs of the magnets. I am going to print out and decoupage feeling words onto them. I also picked up a few $2 dry erase magnetic boards at Staples for my small groups. Don't you love back to school shopping?