Monday, September 3, 2012

Individual Counseling Activity Pages Holder

I found this great idea on Pinterest this summer and thought it would be an awesome way to keep up with all of the counseling pages I use with my students. I don't use these pages every time I talk with students, but it is nice to have them handy and organized in case I feel like one would be helpful.

I used a paper towel holder, the inside metal piece of a three ring binder, sheet protectors, colored card stock, and a little duct tape for this simple DIY project. The original idea suggested using metal rings, but I couldn't get them to stay up on the paper towel holder, so I tore the metal binder clips out of a binder and used duct tape to hold it tight to the holder. This wasn't perfect, but it works. Then, I simply added card stock to the sheet proctors. I kept certain colors together to represent different counseling topics so I could find pages quickly.

The pages come from different counseling resources I have. Most of the resource books come with CDs that allow you to print all the reproducibles. This is a simple way to pull all your favorite pages together from many different books.

How do you organize your individual counseling resources?


  1. Super idea! Even keeping those often-used worksheets/posters in a binder, but accessible would work for me. I've got some work to do now! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this! Thanks for sharing!! I thought I had seen EVERYTHING on Pinterest!!
    I'm totally doing this!