Saturday, January 19, 2013

Can You Earn 100 Compliments?

In the Elementary School world, we have the 100th day coming up, as well as Valentine's Day. Both tend to be big celebrations at our school, so I created this Bulletin Board outside my classroom door (that's right everyone, I actually have my very own classroom this year!).

The purpose of this bulletin board is to help with the classroom management of my classroom guidance lessons. The goal is for all of my classes together to earn 100 compliments before Valentine's Day. Classes can earn as many compliments as they can during each classroom lesson.  They earn compliments for being good listeners, staying on task, and participating.  At the end of each lesson, I draw a heart for each compliment they received and write their teachers name in the heart.  Then, whichever class has the most compliments on the board, after we reach 100, will get to spend their next counseling lesson outside as extra recess time!  So far, this incentive seems to be working very well.  If a class starts getting too talkative, I usually hear a classmate say, "Shhh! we have to earn a compliment!"

Feel free to leave a comment, sharing some of your classroom management strategies.

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