Saturday, January 21, 2012

Giveaway over at The Corner on Character

Today has been a wonderful rainy winter day.  The weather created the perfect setting for a day full of coffee and lesson planning blogging.   I have spent hours in front of my computer searching the internet for counseling blogs and reading numerous creative posts.  The Corner on Character is one of my favorite reads and she is giving away an autographed copy of Maria Dismondy's newest book Pink Tiara Cookies for Three.  Simply click the link to go right to the giveaway!

Other counseling blogs I am currently reading are:

I'm sure there are many other helpful blogs out there that I haven't found yet or that I accidently left off of my list. Feel free to leave a comment; What are your favorite blogs??


  1. Thanks, Allison, for stopping by the Corner and blogging about the giveaway! I'm your newest follower and cannot WAIT to see what you're up to . . . the best part of blogging is the collaboration because we're so much better as a team . . . . especially since counseling can be kind of a lonely job . . . weird as that sounds . . .


  2. Allison, I just came across your blog from the Corner on Character! Great counseling blog resources! I am now following you and the others that you shared!! It is nice to stay in touch with other counselors! Nice job on your blog!!