Friday, January 20, 2012

My Office Space

Danielle, over at School Counselor Blog, recently wrote a blog post on her office space and requested fellow counselors to share pictures on Facebook.  Well, I no longer am a member of Facebook, so I thought I would just post pics of my office here!  This post came at an interesting time, because I just moved to a new office this week! Unfortunately, it was a pretty major down-grade.  I went from a room with 2 huge windows, a wall full of shelves, and a great table for groups to a much smaller room with no windows and not enough room for groups. The upside of all this? I added a nice floor lamp, turned off the offensive florescent overhead light and now its super cozy. Enjoy the picture tour...

Bottom line.... It's small but i LOVE it :)


  1. Nice cozy room! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Though it’s not quite of a spacious office space, you did a great job of sorting out things and making them completely organized. You can create a lovely office space that way, don’t you agree? Another thing about an organized space is that it stimulates our creativity. With a bit of unique ideas, everything will turn out to be just fine. I love your office. I find it a child-friendly one. =)

    Blake Mitchell