Friday, February 17, 2012

New Resources

Attention other school counselors:
I have some school money that I haven't spent yet this year, and I have been browsing the counseling resource catalogs, quite excitedly, I might add.  Here is my list of possibilities that definitely needs to be narrowed down significantly.  PLEASE COMMENT...Have you used any of these? Do you recommend them? Did you find any of them not so helpful?  What other resources would you suggest I look into purchasing??
The Good Mourning Game

Please provide some input on these and other resources you suggest! :) Thanks!

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  1. I have the original Angry Animals game and use it ALL THE TIME! It's a great addition to your can use it individually or in small groups.

  2. I think two of my books, Colorful Counselig and Counseling on the Wall! would make a great addition to your library! Colorful Counseling has 10 booklets you can use with individuals, small groups or even with classrooms. The book comes with a CD, so that you can print the booklets on your color printer if desired.
    Counseling on the Wall is a book that I would have loved to have had as an elementary counselor! It has 60 bulletin board ideas. Again, this book comes with a CD that you can use to print color copies of components of each bulletin board! I might be biased :) but I think you might find these books useful!

  3. I know this is from long ago but I wanted to comment in case you find yourself trying to decide how to spend school money again! I use "I Didn't Know I Could Be the Child Left Behind" with my 3rd graders. The downside is that the language of "child left behind" is no longer being used. The upside is that 1) it comes with pre/post test (yay for data collection!), 2) it's great for academic goal setting, and 3) my kiddos were decently engaged (which is good for an academic skills lesson).