Friday, February 10, 2012

Positive Frame to Promote Self Esteem

This is a wonderful idea to use with students to help promote positive self talk and build self esteem.  I made this frame as an example while one of my kiddos made one.  I put a picture of the student in the frame and she decorated it with cute foam stickers.  Then, we talked about some positive words/phrases she could tell herself when she is feeling down.  She wrote things like..."I'm popular," good singer," and "smart." She is going to put her frame in her room and look at it as a reminder for how wonderful she is.

 I bought foam frames from Walmart. They come 2/pk and cost about $2.50. I also bought foam stickers to decorate them with. This was such a simple, fun project that I think will have a long term impact on students who make them!


  1. I've been reading your blog! You have some great ideas! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. I've been following your blog! You have some great ideas! Sounds (and looks) like you're doing great!

  3. I love this idea! So cute-thanks for sharing!