Sunday, April 29, 2012

Preparing for Testing

We officially have one week before testing begins and I'd like to share what we plan to do to energize and prepare our students.  I love this idea from the Polka Dotted Teacher.  On the Friday before testing begins she sends home baggies filled with Smarties and a note with test taking tips on it.  This helps remind students   (and parents) to get a good night's sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, and come to school with a positive attitude.  It think this is a great way to prevent problems the morning of testing day and definitely plan on doing this
We also plan on providing treat bags to every students during the test.  We usually include a piece of gum, some chocolate, smarties, and a life saver.  We hope this makes a long, hard test seem not so bad.  It also provides some energy for their brains.

Our school has planned a very fun incentive to help ensure that students try their best on the test.   As teachers monitor and walk around, they will be paying attention to which students (hopefully all of them) are trying hard. After all tests are completed (they last about 2 weeks at our school) the students who tried on every test will be rewarded with an hour of fun on 4 huge inflatables.
Lastly, after all testing is completed we plan on having a celebratory parade called "A Parade of Success" for students and parents.  It is our way of thanking both the students and parents for all of their hard work this year.  Every student will make a paper plate sign that lists one accomplishment they had this year.  For example, they may have "I moved up 4 reading levels," or "I know 50 sight words," or "I know all my multiplication facts."  Then, every student will hold up their sign and march around our track while teachers and parents cheer them on.  This will be a wonderful way to build self esteem and pride in what all students have learned.  Afterwards, we are going to thank our parents with homemade cookies and lemonade.  Now, I just can't wait until testing is over so we can enjoy this fun day. I will definitely let you know how it goes.

What does your school do to help students during the long testing weeks?

Do you do anything to thank parents and students at the end of the year?

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  1. Oooo, I'm LOVIN' the Parade of Success idea, Allison - thanks for sharing!!

    We've had a celebration every year like yours; the year we had a DJ was the most fun for the kids, I think, because it also included the teachers and administrators . . . and a pig-kissing contest, which was hysterical!

    Good luck next week; it looks like you've prepared them well!!

    The Corner On Character