Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm Back and Preparing for a New School Year!

I have to apologize for my lack of posts.  I feel like I am a bear waking up and coming out of hibernation.  The end of the school year got the best of me with testing, award ceremonies, trainings, meetings, and packing up my office, I just didn't have the time for my blog (sadly).  But now I am back and refreshed, ready to start preparing for this school year which is quickly approaching (only 4 more weeks until we start back!).  I have been searching Pinterest relentlessly over the last couple days for inspiration, and let's be honest, just for fun. I mean really can anyone stay away from Pinterest??  Needless to say, I have found many great ideas and now it is time to actually get to work.  Below is my summer to do list.  What things are you guys doing to prepare for next year?

Summer to do list for school:

1. Write lessons plans for the 7 Habits of Happy Kids and align them with Character Counts.

2. Set up a school wide jobs/helper program where students will apply and be selected into leadership roles.

3. Recruit and plan for my Career Cafes.

4.Create a place for my individual counseling worksheets/ideas like this. I plan on using tabs to divide by topic.

5. Organize my book shelf using this idea from Pinterest. I would label the paint sticks by counseling issue.
6. Organize a Minute Meeting schedule.  I borrowed the idea of Minute Meetings from Danielle Schultz at School Counselor Blog.  I started these last year and the kids loved it.  It was also I great way to check in with all my students, and I definitely found out about some issues that I wouldn't have otherwise heard.  I want to make these a priority at the beginning of each nine weeks.

7. Categorize all my counseling books with my Ipod using the BookCrawler App. Danielle Schultz explains this process over at School Counselor Blog

8. Try to start a "Girls on the Run" group at my school.

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  1. Great ideas, Allison. I like the idea about displaying individual counseling activities using the DIY display from Pinterest. I'm going to do Career Cafe for the first time this year, so I'm reading the latest posts on School Counselor Blog to prepare.