Sunday, October 7, 2012

Talk Blocks

Innovative Interactions, llc has a wonderful product called Talk Blocks. I use this a lot in individual counseling sessions. There are 4 blocks for the student to use: 2 have different emotions on them, and the other 2 have things you need on them. Talk Blocks are extremely helpful to use with students who have trouble saying how they are feeling or students who need help knowing what to do to help them feel better.

Some of the feelings identified on the blocks are angry, excited, sad, happy, and scared. Some of the things on the other blocks that identify what the student needs are a hug, to sing, to take a walk, praise, to breathe, to talk, and to go outside. Using the blocks the student is able to say "I am angry. I need to take deep breaths," or "I am feeling scared. I need to talk."

For large and small group counseling, I have borrowed the ideas of talk blocks and I have had students create their own blocks. Students have created their own blocks with the same ideas as the original Talk Blocks so that they can take them home and use them with their parents. I have also had students create blocks using problem solving strategies and ways to handle anger. The possibilities are endless!

You can find a blank template by doing a google search for "cube template."

Friday, October 5, 2012

Leadership Around our Hallways

Our school is working hard on introducing the 7 habits to our students. Our art teacher is doing an amazing job incorporating the 7 habits in her art lessons and this has really helped to decorate our halls. Below are a few pictures with more to come...

The leadership neighborhood was actually created by our kindergarten class. They were learning about shapes and created the buildings. Then, the kindergarteners got together with their 5th grade big buddies and their buddies helped them create the roads, cars, signs, people, and animals. This was a wonderful activity for teaching synergy.